Blu-ray is a newly released media of which some functions are still under developed. Both parties of the manufactures of hardware and software need time to study the format and the application it could be provided. When a new function is applied on the disc, the compatibility of hardware becomes a big issue. Most of the hardware in the market may not be able to re-produce the new function properly, tactics should be employed aforehand to avoid public awareness.

Being the unique pre-mastering house of Blu-ray disc in the region, B&O is situated in a premier position to obtain the updated information and technology of the development of Blu-ray in advance from the Blu-ray Disc Association and the supplier of authoring software. Circumstances build on us for a Testing Centre to serve on its own..

The Testing Center is an independent non-profit body running by B&O solely. The aim is mainly providing appropriate message and information to the hardware and software manufactures and even the end user of the development and the compatibility process and situation of the Blu-ray products. Lots of testing processes are applied to hardware and software of different brand of products. Non-compatible product is then being warned in advance to create a ˇ§fault freeˇ¨ environment to the end users to build confident on this ultimate media.

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