The storage of visual image diversifies from tape to data format, the delivery and transmission of image signal is much faster on computer. B&O expands its business covering the area of multimedia of providing full service to our client to catch up the trend of prompt delivery of their products.

Multimedia Section houses high calibre creative director to formulate imaginative contents to fulfill our clients' needs. Experience graphic designers visualize the content with attractive layout design navigated by user friendly programming guidance to generate interesting computerized products interactively.

B&O is a full functional active service provider of the government projects on pre-production, post-production and multimedia aspects.

Scope of Multimedia Services:
- Design & Development of Web-based Courseware
- Creative & Production of interactive CD-Rom, DVD-Rom package
- Content development for Presentation & Animated Cartoon
- Website & Homepage design
- B2B & B2C web site construction

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