In the world of digitized image, B&O is always the pioneer of adopting new technology to the digital media. The introducing of VCD & DVD Mastering Services enhances the image of the company as One Stop Service Provider. Being the unique company equipped with both VCD and DVD Minerva Encoding Systems manipulating under the surround environment of 24-bit / 192KHz, B&O is claimed to be the leader in the market.

The team member of Mastering Section is reputed as the top experts with strong technical background in the market. We can handle complex work-flow of the menu navigation accomplishing with attractive 2D/3D graphic layout design to reproduce digitize video to its utmost criteria.

B&O is a member of DVD Association of USA. We are the first company to apply dts 5.1 surround, dts ES 6.1 surround and DVD Audio technology on DVD Video and Audio discs in Hong Kong. Being rewarded, B&O is the authorised production house of BBC, England to handle their DVD titles.

Self-owned "Miracle Wipe" system is a newly developed technology to apply hidden lyric subtitle onto Karaoke DVD Video disc. This capacity striven technology is a solution to ravel the band-width limitation of re-producing video signal and enhance the picture quality to its superior performance.

We offer mastering services on VCD, AVCD, CD, DVD Video and DVD Audio.

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